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TruTool F 300


For heating and ventilation engineers, TRUMPF seam lockers are essential for their daily work, as well as for the construction of fa?ades, fireplace coverings or industrial fans. For both Pittsburgh lock seams as well as angle and standing seams, you will find the correct tool with TRUMPF.

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The TruTool F 300 closes Pittsburgh seams in straight or bent ducts in an independent roll-glide process. The sheet thickness range extends from 0.03 to 0.05 inch mild steel. The seam locker works conveniently and quietly; the infeed ensures continuous and tight seams. There is no need for conversion for processing of shaped and curved pieces. Adaptation to sheet thickness is automatic. On-site assembly is also possible.


Name Qty. Price Add To Cart
Forming Piece $174.10
Drive Roller 30° - 0125477 $118.45
Mating Roller 75° - 0135480 $92.90
Support Roller - 0136773 $84.90
Mating Roller 30° - 0135479 $87.40
Roller (horizontal) - 0135791 $63.30
Drive Roller 75° - 0135478 $92.90
Guide Rail - 0920881 $284.30